"Vita Sana Pilates is fantastic. I am a dentist and as a result had been suffering from aches and pains in my neck and back almost every day. Since taking up Pilates the difference is huge. I barely feel a niggle at all. I feel stronger, more flexible and my posture has improved. I have Natalie to thank for this. Her classes are excellent. She is a great teacher and now officially has me hooked on Pilates!" Lara, age 24

"I started Pilates classes with Vita Sana Pilates to try and manage neck and shoulder problems and the results have exceeded my expectations. I now have a full range of movement back and have noticed a big improvement in pain levels and in core strength. Natalie is excellent at explaining the exercises and making sure we do them correctly and without injury. I am delighted to have discovered this class." Kara, age 33

"I have suffered from recurring back pain for many years which flared up again after my fourth pregnancy. Over the years I have tried evertign from chiropractors to spinal braces and I started to believe nothing would help very much. Since joining Natalie's classes I can honestly say the difference has been amazing. My posture has improved, I have more flexibility and I am pain free. More importantly I understand how to strengthen and protect my spine to prevent damage. Cannot recommend highly enough!" Kathleen, age 37

"Natalie's classes are both enjoyable and beneficial. After a day at work hunched over a computer getting to really stretch out at Pilates is amazing. I feel my posture is much better. My shoulders are no longer at my ears and my core is so much stronger. The class sizes mean Natalie misses nothing and can correct as necessary, in the nicest possible way!" Mel, age 42

"Pilates has been great for me. The experience (for a total beginner) had been fun and relaxing. The benefits for me have been great in terms of both relaxation and toning. It is great when you are in a class and can feel the burn and know that it is working. Natalie is great and very attentive making sure everyone is comfortable, doing the exercises properly and providing individual guidance and support. She works us hard but it's great fun! I'd highly recommend this to anyone thinking about trying something new, you won't be disappointed."
Eilidh, age 27

"I love my weekly Pilates class. In fact it's the longest I have ever gone to an exercise class. I come out feeling refreshed stretched and not too sweaty which really appeals to me. Natalie is a great teacher who gives us all one to one when needed and is so enthusiastic." Frances, age 56

"I've had back problems on and off for many years and started Pilates to work on strengthening my back and my core muscles. It's powerful stuff - a brilliant workout and Natalie is great at motivating us as well as providing modifications for many of the exercises if needed. I'm loving it and my back definitely feels the benefits!" Mairi, age 57

"I would highly recommend the Pilates classes with Natalie, the exercises are challenging, you feel like you're using all the muscles and only after a few classes I can see a difference already. Natalie gives clear instructions on breathing and doing and exercises correctly which makes it very easy to follow." Elena, age 29

"I've been doing Pilates for over a year now and one area I've really noticed an improvement in is my shoulders. My job involves alot of driving, computer work and moving and handing which has an impact on my back and tense shoulders. Thanks to Natalie and Pilates my shoulders are more relaxed and my core strength has improved. I really enjoy the classes and can't believe I can actually do some of the exercises I struggled with when I first started." Paula, age 38

“I’ve played rugby for the last 6 years and during that time I’ve had lots of problems with my back and have seen various physiotherapists and chiropractors to try and put it right. Having recently moved to the area (East Renfrewshire), I asked around and was recommended (via Facebook) to come and see Natalie. I had never done anything like Pilates before and was a little apprehensive. The exercises all started very simply and have developed as my knowledge and strength have improved. I do an hour a week with Natalie along with 3 or 4 shorter sessions at my home in between. The sessions are always relaxed and I find it a great way to unwind after a busy day at work. My back has been ache free for months and my core strength is better now that it has ever been. I’ve felt a definite improvement on the rugby pitch and whilst snowboarding this winter. The core strength is noticeable and the exercises are making me think about my body and how I use it in a very different way. I’ve certainly seen improvements over other methods I’ve used before and would recommend Pilates to anyone who has back problems or is looking to improve core strength in general. I find the one to one sessions great and have benefited from the special programme Natalie was able to put together to meet my needs.” Gary, age 33

"In 2000 I had bowel cancer and a couple of months after my chemotherapy had finished I experienced severe back pain. At first I thought it was another tumor but thankfully it was not. A MRI scan showed 2 prolapsed discs and another 2 discs that were narrower than they should be. I was prescribed painkillers and was advised to go to the gym. I did this but with no real guidance the pain I was experiencing escalated significantly. Chiropractic treatment worked for me but my spine was always very stiff and I had very little flexibility at all. Chiropractors recommend Pilates to many patients but I wasn’t too hopeful that I could do it. Pilates has made a huge difference to my whole body in the past two and a half years and I wish I had started it years ago. It has turned my life around and my Chiropractor has also noticed a big difference in my spine since I began Pilates. Recently I have noticed a big difference in my hip flexors, the left side has always been really tight. The leg work we have done in Natalie’s classes has paid huge dividends for me. I also like the close supervision of our movements in the classes. Obviously its better to do things correctly and it surely has to be a much safer way to work the body. I just felt that at the gym, working out on my own with no supervision, I may well have been doing things wrongly and causing more damage. Natalie’s style of teaching is clear, concise and encouraging. Pilates is gentle but so effective. Pilates is part of my life now. I see it as a MUST for a healthy body and it has made me feel more positive about life. A few years ago I could only walk for about 10-15 minutes and then I would have to sit down and rest. I was in so much pain. I have now completed a walking marathon and can honestly say that I didn’t have the slightest twinge anywhere in my body. I wish I could encourage more people to take up Pilates as it is life changing.” Pat, age 62

“I have Scoliosis of my spine, which was diagnosed as a teenager. I was having bad lower back pain and I went to see my GP. He said that it was the curve in my spine that was causing the pain. There is nothing that can be done about Scoliosis but he suggested trying Pilates to strengthen my core and take the pressure off my lower back. I joined Natalie's class the following week. What I loved about her class was that if some of the exercises were too hard she would always give you modifications. I noticed within a couple of weeks a real improvement in my lower back. Even simple things like getting out of a chair I noticed that I was using my stomach muscles to get up rather than my back, which I had never done before. I also got a referral to see a physiotherapist about my back a few weeks after I had started Pilates. The exercises she gave me to do were what I was getting in Natalie's class. What Pilates has allowed me to do is manage my back problem without the need for painkillers, which is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone!” Gail, age 41

"I have been going to Piloxing and Pilates for a year now and have definitely seen the benefits. Pilates focuses more on the core but Piloxing is a true all over body work out with a great mix between cardio and strength work. I have never stuck with a class for so long hence it must be addictive! It's a fun and friendly environment with lots of encouragement (and whooping) from the lovely instructor! Piloxing is awesome. Really great class and the first thing I've done in years that's actually changed by body despite doing different sports. Come along and crunch your core, blast your buns and say goodbye to your bingo wings. You won't regret it."
Erin, age 35

"I heard that Piloxing was a fantastic way to burn calories, get fit and build strength - Natalie's classes did not disappoint! She is fun yet tough and very encouraging. I love the fact you can pick the moves up so easily but if you make a mistake (which I do, often) we can just laugh. I have tried an abundance of exercise classes and Piloxing is most definitely one of the very best for an overall body workout. I am addicted already!" Abi, age 35

"Piloxing is a great way to keep fit - it combines cardio fitness with core strengthening Pilates as well as fun dance moves. Natalie is a great teacher - she's fun, encouraging, warm and teaches in an inspiring way. By keeping the routines fresh it just makes the experience even better. If you want to do a class that's fun and will keep you energised - do Piloxing with Vita Sana Pilates!"
Susie, age 39

"The Vita Sana Piloxing classes are unlike any other I've done. The sequences are high impact enough to feel like you're working hard, but short and sweet so you never run out of breath. Natalie keeps everyone in the class involved, regardless of their ability/level, and manages to keep everyone smiling throughout. The music is great and the atmosphere welcoming. It's addictive!" Debbie, age 35

"Although I have only done a few classes, I just love Piloxing. Its tough but you feel the benefit. Natalie puts us through our paces but keeps us smiling even though my body is screaming to stop!" Audrey, age 40