Pricing, Terms & Conditions


Pilates Classes at Clarkston Bowling & Tennis Club are booked in blocks of 6 sessions and these sessions are payable in full at the first class of every new block (this will reserve a person’s place for the applicable block). A block of 6 sessions comprises 1 class per week for 6 weeks and costs £55. Payments are non refundable.

Should a person miss
2 or more consecutive classes, e.g. due to vacations, childcare issues or medical reasons, these may be rebooked subject to availability and at the discretion of the Instructor. All classes must be redeemed within the current block. Rebookings may not be made when no or less than 24 hours notice of non attendance is given. All rebooking and rescheduling is subject to the discretion of the Instructor.

Classes are suitable for over 16’s only.

Health Concerns

Should a person have any concerns regarding their health and practicing Pilates, written or verbal advice should be sought from that person’s doctor or surgeon e.g. following a period of ill health or surgery.


Please note that Vita Sana Pilates group classes are only suitable for pregnant women who are in their first trimester.